Plantación Del Eden : transformation



The work on chocolate could start yet...!


The smell coming from the roasting of the beans were wonderful. We did not know how to trap the aromas in a glass jar, but I could assure you, I would have loved that anyone could smell it!

The beans were well dried. They were roasting extremely well. This step was highly important. The chocolate would then be very easy to make…

We tasted the cocoa paste at the end of the grinder to evaluate the necessary conching* time. We could already imagine the flavours that our chocolate would have. We decided a conching time of 20 hours as a first step.


*conching: the act of mixing cocoa liquor with different sugars, like cane sugar or coconut blossom sugar for some chocolates at Saveurs & Nature. It also promotes flavour development through frictional heat, release of volatiles and acids, and oxidation. For our « Plantación del Eden » tablet, we mixed 70% pure cocoa minimum and added cane sugar. This stage seems easy because it only puts together 2 ingredients. But it is delicate since you have to control the temperature and the time.