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On this page we answer the frequently asked questions about our organic chocolate products. If you can't find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact Saveurs & Nature so that we can provide you with a precise answer which will enrich this page.


Cocoa trees are very sensitive to insects and mushrooms, their culture can imply the use of insecticides which are harmful to the environment and humans; the cocoa bean - which is very rich in fat, concentrates very easily these products. Buying organic chocolate preserves you against toxic products and protects the biodiversity and the habitat of migratory birds. So make your gustatory pleasure an ally of the environment. 

There are different qualities of organic chocolate: everything depends on its composition. At Saveurs & Nature, we only select the noble ingredients. The absolute requirement of chocolate makers from Saveurs & Nature is to combine organic and quality. All actors in the production chain, from the supplier to the chocolate maker, are selected to provide you premium chocolate in full conformity with the environment and the health. 

The chocolate is energetic and, like all foods, it should not be over-consumed. To benefit from all its virtues, you should avoid additives as well as refined products and you'd better turn to chocolates with a high content of cocoa. With chocolate, nutrition rhymes with indulgence!

We talk sometimes of « chocoholics ». Is that an expression or scientific reality; can one be « addicted » to chocolate? An experience carried out in a Parisian hospital showed that the withdrawal of large chocolate consumers doesn't lead to any state of lack, but simply to a slight anxiety. But how a gourmet person wouldn't be anxious about being deprived of chocolate?

The stimulating substances contained into chocolate are present only at very low level. And, yes, contrary to popular thinking, it's scientifically proven that chocolate isn't aphrodisiac. However, our chocolate with candied ginger continues to fuel this common belief!

At Saveurs & Nature, our goal is to excite your taste buds in full security. Thanks to our payment system entrusted to a provider specializing in securing payments, we guarantee the total confidentiality of your banking details. The product, delivered on time, corresponds exactly to the one you chose on our website. Finally, you monitor your shipment, thanks to a follow up setup with our partner from LA POSTE: Colissimo. Fast and effective, the online purchase of your chocolate allows you a tasting with total peace of mind.