Our packagings

Saveurs & Nature is now keen to produce its 100% organic chocolates in a sustainable development approach. 

This approach will be carried out throughout the life of the different products from raw materials to organic packaging.

Many packaging materials enter the life cycle of a product. Saveurs & Nature has chosen to act on most of them to make them perfectly environmentally friendly.

How? By working on the bags that are in contact with the chocolate but also the presentation cases and shipping cartons.


The bag in contact with the chocolate (laminated film on the cardboard cases) is made from cellulose, a substance most abundant among all the organic compounds produced naturally by plants. Thus all our bags will be fully biodegradable.

The presentation cases are produced with cardboard from sustainable managed forests. This enables us to ensure proper management and preservation of forests.

For packaging materials that are currently not biodegradable, Saveurs & Nature uses cardboard displays and paper tape for shipping boxes.

If the following symbol is present on the packaging, it meets the requirements of the EN13432 standard: it is biodegradable!

Ikalia, even more innovative packagings

In accordance to our sustainable development approach, we selected a paper made out of annual plants.

  • A product with high environmental value:  
  • Sugar cane: recycling of bagasse
  • Linen: use of inappropriate fibers for textile industry
  • Hemp: cultivation on set-aside lands


  • No trees
  • Low energy (to produce and to process)
  • Fully biodegradable product


This paper is capable of storing CO2 extremely quickly. It is based on the use and recovery of by-products which do not therefore affect the world's raw material and food product resources

  • 100% derived from annual plants that store CO2 quickly and crops that are fauna- and flora-friendly.


Recycled papers


               Natural cultures of linen and hemp :

               - Low use of pesticides or herbicides

               - Low use of fertilizers

               - No irrigation


Annual plants




All our packaging of the brand IKALIA are made with this paper.