Energy bars

Sport & nutrition

100% organic bars to meet the needs of sportspeople!

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The tablets

Single Origin

A gourmet trip around the world to discover varied soils and subtle and delicate flavors...

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Vegan snacking range

Fruits coated with chocolate

Natural properties of the cranberry and high quality chocolate. For breakfast, snacks or small treats.

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The chocolaterie

Since 2005, Saveurs & Nature produce 100% organic chocolates in a sustainable development way -biodegradable packages, bags in cellulose. Pure cocoa butter, no lecithin or added vegetable fats for more intense chocolate taste by preserving all the aromas of cocoa beans. All raw materials are selected for their high-quality and flavors.

Trip inside the chocolate

From bean to bar...
Discover our know-how

Get ready for a journey through cocoa bean plantations, from cocoa beans to your taste buds. This is our story, our passion, our authenticity to savour... for the greatest delight of all gourmets

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