The Story

Saveurs & Nature is a family business founded in 2001 in Nantes, near the Atlantic Ocean.

«I used to produce small quantities of organic chocolate to offer my clients a nice treat in the restaurant I had with my wife Valérie.  This restaurant called "Resto'Bio" was one of the first organic restaurants recognized in France.

Employees of regional organic shops became regular clients and they loved the quality of chocolate so they asked me to sell them!   I started producing bigger quantities and chocolate bars were first shelved during the year 2001: that is how the story began!


For nearly five years, our chocolate attracted more and more gourmets who convinced us to sell the restaurant and dedicate ourselves to the production of chocolate. Valérie and I moved to Vendée (southern Loire region) to open our Saveurs & Nature chocolate factory.

Since 2006, we have been developing a wide range of organic chocolates to be savoured all the year round: dark/ milk/white chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, pralines, snacking, shapes and Christmas and Easter figures, candied fruits coated with chocolate.


From 2 (Valérie and I), we are now up to 42 people, all chocoholics!  My passion for chocolate leads me to respect the raw materials I use every day: I only choose them for their high quality and flavours. With ten skilled chocolatiers I prepare for you delicious recipes, made with pure cocoa butter, no soy lecithin and no added fat.

The high concentration of cocoa butter and the fact of not using lecithin make the chocolate more intense: the melting releases all the preserved aromas of cocoa beans to delight your taste buds. My only wish is to offer you a wonderful taste experience with the finest chocolate.