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It is cocoa butter that gives to chocolate all its sophistication, its character and its virtues!

Saveurs et Nature's chocolate is made of minimum 43% cocoa butter- the legal minimum European rate for premium dark chocolate is 31% cocoa butter. It gives to our chocolate its unmistakeable taste and retains all its nutritional values for the great benefit of your taste buds and your health.



With organic chocolate, the work has to be more precise. On one hand, because we do not use lecithin. We must be very careful with the tempering of the chocolate. With lecithin, the crystallization of the chocolate can vary from more or less 1 degree, or 1.5 degree. Without lecithin, it is up to 0.5 degree. On another hand, we never use flavors: we do our own juices, we cook the fruits just as needed.

All the raw materials we use to make our chocolate are selected for their high quality.

In the selection of our beans, it is important that they follow the traditional process of fermentation before drying and not a direct drying.

It is a traditional method that gives a subtle cocoa taste which differs according to the origins of the beans.

Our choice is not to extract cocoa butter and keep it to pass absolutely all the flavors of the cocoa.



2015 was marked by the integration of a new traditional craftsmanship. Indeed, we learnt the roasting of cocoa beans to transform them into chocolate, and thus we integrated a processing line of cacao beans which process is the following: roasting, selecting, crushing, pre-grinding, conching process, tempering process.

«As a chocolatier, to differ from my colleagues "chocolate makers", it was a must to master this expertise. The discovery of every sort of cocoa beans will be a long journey."



A premium chocolate

  • Pure cocoa butter
  • 100% organic
  • Lecithin-free
  • Palm oil-free
  • Ongoing innovation
  • Craft production


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  • Saveurs & Nature for the pleasure and the fineness of the chocolate
  • Ikalia, our Fairtrade, gluten-free and vegan certified range with as much pleasure