Our origins

We have 6 different origins: Dominican Republic, Peru, Madagascar, Tanzania, Haiti and Ecuador.

Organic cocoa is only 0.5% of the cocoa world market. We selected organic origins of premium quality to get different flavors from one continent to the other and from one island to the other.

Like "terroirs" for wine or coffee, the nature of the soils and the countries of our cocoa beans, will reveal different flavors.


Cocoa beans is an agricultural commodity. It is grown by different people, on different soils, under different climates. These farmers harvest more or less at optimal ripeness. The fermentation of the beans may be shorter or longer. As well as the drying...That all has to be present in the final product.

With our new roasting line, we learnt how to transform beans to turn them into chocolate. Hence we are now able to work from the bean to the bar.

We look for the best and it starts with the quality of the cocoa beans. We carefully select them to make you taste all the diversity of the cocoa flavors. We propose a gourmet trip around the world to discover varied soils and subtle and delicate flavors