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Wouldn't the most beautiful tradition be that of slipping chocolates under the Christmas tree?​


To please, to keep the children waiting until Christmas or to end a holiday dinner with a touch of sweetness, nothing better than chocolate. This year again, we have imagined an original collection of Christmas chocolates for all gourmets: dark or milk, in bars or figures, to each their own little pleasure.

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For this end of the year, three new Christmas chocolates await you:


The Advent calendar

The tradition of the Advent calendar is by far the most gourmet of the month of December. A real gift before Christmas, it offers the pleasure of opening a gourmet box every day to wait before the arrival of Santa Claus. A calendar for children, made up of 24 organic chocolates: filled squares, figures... which will delight the youngest looking forward to the holidays with questions and riddles in each box as well as games on the back.


The Reindeer tablet

A gourmet milk chocolate Christmas bar with a reindeer decoration, adorned with crispy three-chocolate cereal balls. The perfect sweetness to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus.


The Assortment gift box of 5 origin bars

This year, we have created a 5 origins gift box to reveal all our know-how, from the roasting of the cocoa bean to the bar. Our master chocolatiers have specially imagined 5 mini tablets from 5 different origins to discover the subtleties of each terroir. Each origin gathers 2 tablets. A Christmas gift that will delight the greatest chocolate consumer.