Cocoa farmers



In Saveurs & Nature, imitating “The flight of the hummingbird”, we wanted to get increasingly involved with farmers.


Most of cocoa farmers in the world lived in poverty.

Their income did not allow them to reach the poverty line of 2 dollars per day. Cocoa did not pay enough money to continue farming. Chemicals products were extremely expensive and they had no control over sale price of their production in front of traders.


By creating a direct link to producers, we got engaged to pay the cocoa farmers better to enable them to improve their living and work conditions. We also got engaged that their production methods were respectful of environment and complying with sustainable development principles.


Thanks to financial and material support, we helped the village of Bandoum to develop in the best conditions and convert its cocoa in organic farming. This place with magical landscapes gave us new hope that, one day, each cocoa farmer in the world would decently make a decent living from his work.

It was our know-how in roasting beans that enabled to get increasingly involved with cocoa farmers. Since the implementation of our roasting line, we were able to work from the bean to the bar to make you discover exceptional cocoas.

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Letter to His Majesty Fokoua Moïse Edgar II

Hello Your Majesty Fokoua Moïse Edgar II,

I had not written you yet to thank you of your warm welcome in your village of Bandoum. Since your welcome in Bandoum, I have already worked a lot on the project to convert to organic farming the cooperative “Bio-Clair” and in particular with Sonia from the AFDYDD Association.

With Sonia, we have selected the inspection body called Ecocert. This is the most urgent point to officially launch the conversion period towards organic farming.

I have worked on an important budget on three years.

I will help cocoa farmers from the cooperative by granting a premium for conversion per hectare. This premium will be high. It will allow 15 to go through this period of training because it will no doubt be necessary to listen to nature with no chemical products to make it more fruitful.

A first action is already implemented. Sonia will soon come back to the village to plant fertile trees that we have funded.

During those 3 years, cocoa farmers will have to continue selling in conventional farming. I will be able to buy cocoa only at the end of the conversion period. For this new period, I have already set a secured price every year: year 3, year 4, year 5.

Then I have calculated a budget to build a fermentation shed and a drying tunnel. I think we will have all those built next year with your authorisation, so that cocoa farmers can be ready for 2022.

For this long program, I planned a payment on three years for the AFDYDD association in order for the cooperative to be helped and secured. Sonia and Dora will also work on alternative modes of agriculture to sell organic fruits and vegetables on target markets.

Finally for the extension of the nursery school at Bandoum, I have to meet with Gérard and Euphrasie from Ekanidoum association to take part of it.

As you told me, we need a mutual interest. As for now, priority is given to conversion towards organic farming in Bandoum. When I am able to transform the organic cocoa beans from Bandoum in chocolate, then will start a real mutual economy. From now on, Bandoum will be part of the history of Saveurs et Nature.


Jean-Michel Mortreau.