Agroforestry : successful operation!



600 planted trees thanks to the success of the operation!


In November 2019, we launched our « Agroforestry » operation. This operation was supposed to allow the planting of 600 trees with the agroforestry method and reward the work of 2 cocoa farms with which we deal directly: Del Eden in the Dominican Republic and Bejofo in Madagascar.

Today, we are very grateful to announce that the operation was a great success!


How did we finance these trees?

By selling tablets and assortment boxes produced with the two farm’s cocoa beans. For each tablets and boxes sold we gave 0.38 cts to these farms, in order to buy, plant and take care of the trees.   

To refresh the memory, the agroforestry is a type of land management which associates trees to agriculture. It implies the diversification of cultures at several levels:  shade trees, cultural trees and crops. This type of farming contributes to the durability of the cocoa plantation and therefore the industry’s sustainability.


The young cocoa plants are already in the nursery...


600 trees in tropical countries:

= absorb 90 tons of carbon

= give 1800 animal shelters

= generate 200 years of oxygen*

= require 600 hours of work


*which is the amount consumed by 3 persons during their entire life


Why this type of operation?

All this project is part of a bigger purpose of sustainable development which is starting to emerge with:

  • preserving the natural resources, soils and biodiversity
  • rewarding the work of our cocoa farmers about 10 times the official fair trade bonus
  • reinforcing our direct bond with the farmers and ease their work conditions

This operation gives a perfect example of how we take our corporate responsibility toward the social, economic and environmental stakes that are extremely important in the cocoa industry.

“In January, we are going to plant the 400 cocoa trees currently in nursery for Saveurs&Nature. It’s important to continue this kind of project in collaboration with the chocolatier. […] It’s not a matter of planting intensively. It’s a matter of protecting the natural ecosystem and respecting the environment. It needs a diverse and balanced vegetation in order to insure soil’s fertility. Agroforestry farming is part of our vision of fairtrade as we have to show the way and bring awareness to local communities about species protection, biodiversity and heritage.”
Bertil Akesson – Bejofo Plantation

“At Eden we have diverse microclimates and quality of soil. Thus, we observe various biodiversity patterns. We respect them and use plants that are the best for any particular area with its microclimate. Eden is an organic farm with annual certification from Germany. Thus, we invest a lot in cleaning manually our land and in taking care of all newly planted trees. All fertilization is coming from composting and use of natural materials. Eden team greatly appreciates any partnerships with our supporters to continue to create a farm on the principles of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.”

Tamara - Del Eden Plantacion